Some weeks you get knocked down....and kicked over and over again.

It's Thursday and I can honestly say that 48 hours ago, I wasn't even sure we were going to make it to today.

Remember that virus that ended with Amelia in the ER on Saturday?

Well, that virus proceeded to take us all out one by one.

Some weeks you get knocked down...and then kicked over and over again.

Sunday night we got a night of rest to recover from Amelia's Saturday night escapades and then Monday it hit.


Monday night David's dad and I came down with it within 30 minutes of each other. 

It just so happened that David had a schedule change at the last minute and took Tuesday off when he was originally only supposed to be off Monday.  I ended up being up all night sick and slept most of it off during the day.  It comes and goes quick but it leaves you feeling weak for awhile.

Tuesday afternoon I was starting to feel back to my normal self, so David went to go try to take care of our car situation for the third night in a row.  At six thirty I had text him asking when he would be home because I was starting to get really tired again and at 7:30 the bug hit Olivia.

Let's just say I was immediately wide awake and feeling back to normal.  I don't think think I've ever recovered so quickly from anything.  Dave took over Amelia duty for the second night in a row, while I stayed up all night with Olivia.


I may or may not at one point Tuesday night looked at my mother-in-law with tears in my eyes and asked "if it was ever going to end?"

I can say that my family has impeccable timing for getting sick because my mother-in-law ended up being off on Wednesday so she took Amelia for the day to help keep her away from Olivia.

We're now a little over 36 hours out from anyone being sick.  Last night we all held our breathe at the 7 o'clock hour since that seems to be when it hits.  We may have done a little dance when everyone was in bed and not puking.  Or let's be honest, we opened up a bottle of wine to celebrate.

Everything in our house that can be washed has been washed and if it couldn't be washed it has been Lysoled down.

Olivia still is a little weak from her night of fun, so we're taking the rest of the week to recover.  The next two weeks are filled with holiday fun, so I'm praying we all stay healthy so we can enjoy them.

And if I never smell a whiff of Lysol again, I will be happy camper.


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