Book Club 2012

Tonight we held our last book club meeting of 2012. 

I know a few people have asked why there hasn't been too many book club post this year and to be honest, it's kinda been a weird year for our little book club.

We lost a few members due to schedule conflicts, but overall, it seem to just be a busy year for everyone in general.  All of us had to miss a meeting or two throughout the year due to other events.  It's been months since we've had everyone at a meeting.

It was also a year that not everyone had the time to read the books.  It's obviously, not a requirement to read the book in order to come, but I think I can say (being that I was one of those a few times this year) that it's easy to feel left out if you didn't.  Honestly, most months only two or three people actually read the book, so it made for sometimes difficult discussion.  Most meetings, we ended up spending our time catching up with each others lives.

I think the biggest factor to our "weird" year, was that we just didn't have many good book picks.  Yes, every book you read will not be your favorite, however, this year we had a lot of duds or "okay" picks.  We didn't have many that everyone loved.  We've learned in three years of book clubbing that some of the best discussions come from books that we all really enjoyed.  Plus, I think most readers will agree that its hard to get in a reading mood when you've only read an okay book after okay book. 

I hate to admit it, but there had been a couple of times I thought that maybe our little book club had ran it's course. 

Somehow, the stars all alined and everyone got to make it to last meeting of the year.  Not everyone got a chance to read the book, the book was another "okay" pick, and to be honest, there was more talk about "life" than the actual book, but it felt like old times.

It felt like the rejuvenation that our little book club needed.

We talked a little how this year hadn't been our best, but we were all ready to get back in the swing of things. 

With the addition of a new member (if we don't scare her away just yet), talks of the return of an old one (who always picked great books), and a couple of book titles already being thrown out there for the upcoming year, it looks like 2013 will be a better year for our little group.  

In case your curious about next months read, in honor of going into our fourth year, I decided that maybe it was time for all of us to read the book that had inspired Nicole and I to start a little book club of our own.

 It's a great book about a book club and may just inspire you to start your own too! : )


kimmer said…
Oh my gosh!!! Looks like you had book club at the RITZ!!! It's always so great to get together with friends and I know you girls have a super group of women! Once we had such a dud for a book pick that we all agreed to not even talk about it at all! Not one of us had finished it! We played Pictionary instead and had a blast! And that next of my all-time favorites, too! Happy New Year!

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