A home.

Thank you for the well wishes a few weeks ago about our move.  A few people have mentioned that they didn't see that post and I realize that a lot of my readers come through my facebook page.  For whatever reason, that post didn't get posted on my facebook feed and I have no clue why, so sorry for those who were left out of the loop.

We've been here for almost two months now and we're still working on making it our home.

It hasn't been the easiest for me.  Though all our stuff and my people are here, there are still days I look around and think this isn't "home."  It's like we're staying at a vacation house for the week and we're returning home any day now.  However, I realize that we're not going back to the old house.

Believe me when I say, I feel in my heart that we without a doubt, made the right decision to go ahead with the move.  The pros outweigh the cons by a mile. 

Everyone else in my house has seemed to adjust fairly quickly. 

I've gotten a lot of "how's Olivia adjusting?" questions over the past few weeks and I can honestly say she's adjusted faster than any of us.  We still travel back to our old town for dance once a week and even though its been almost two months, she tells me each time we head back in that direction "I don't want to go back to my old house, I like my new house." 

Besides the fact she's living it up with grandparents just one door down, she loves the fact we're living in a smaller space and her room is right next door to us.  A few months before we moved, she was old enough to realize she was all the way on the other side of the house by herself at night and it made for some rough bedtimes for awhile.  I cannot say that I blame her on that one though.

However, it will take a little more time for me.  

I know....home is where your loves are...but lets be honest, sometimes that's easier said than done.  Especially, when you have so many memories in one place.

Calling it "home" will come in time, that I am sure of.  It always does.

Ask me where home is in a few months and I'm sure I won't even think twice.

I'm sure I will be feeling right at home when summer comes and I only have to walk one door down for a pool. 

Just kidding.

Okay, maybe not....I will be giving many thanks next summer for having some way to entertain my kid all summer.  This past summer was a rough one.

Oh, and I've decided to bring old school Christmas decor back this year.  The Santa and snowman belonged to my grandparents and were hanging out on their front porch when I was a kid.  They were offered to me and I said "heck yeah!" I'm still protesting the blow-ups. 

And why yes, that's me outside in shorts in December....no complaints here.


Tristan said…
your home looks so coszy!!!!!
Nicole said…
I felt at home there so that's really all that matters!

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