A few thanks.

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments, likes, messages, etc., yesterday, I really appreciate them all!!!

Though I was the one who ran, I feel like a owe a few people thanks, so here it is and I promise to then move on to a different topic....vacation.

To the people on the sidelines:

You may think what you're doing is insignificant, but can I tell you how wrong you are.  You have no idea how much it means to those who are running.  The fact that you'll stand on the side of the street (even in your pjs) to cheer on complete strangers, says a lot about you as a person.  You have no idea how your cheers or sign that screams "Pain is temporary, quitting is forever!" may be the one thing that keeps that one runner from quitting at that moment.  I recently ran a race that was in a gated community and there was not one single person along the race way cheering us on.  It was a long six miles.  Its crazy how just because of the fact there were people cheering us on the entire 13 miles, that the half seemed shorter than the six miler with no one there.  Thanks for getting up early on a Saturday and standing on your porches to cheer us on!  I now want to not only race, but stand on the sidelines every so often, to return the favor.

To my family who came to watch:

I had no clue where y'all were along the course and I was honestly struggling by that time.  By the time I saw you guys, I had hit the mark of running the farthest than I ever have before, but I still had a ways to go.  You guys were at the perfect spot at the perfect time.  Seeing you guys gave me the push I needed to finish.  Thank you again for getting up before dawn to be there.  It really means the world to me.

To Nic:

Thanks for yelling at me when I need it.  Thank you for not letting me belittle myself and my accomplishments like I so often tend to do and for reminding me to take pride in whatever I do.  Over this nine month journey, you have said the words "I'm proud of you" to me more than anyone else.  Thank you so much for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself.  Being I know you and our weird ways, hearing those words from you means so much.  It's crazy how you can be standing in a crowd of 6,000 and feel more alone than ever.  Though I know I wasn't, while standing in the starting line, I felt like I was the only one there without a friend to run with and having to do this totally alone.  I had honestly just moments before cried a few tears to Dave and told him it sucked I had no one to run with. You were the last person I talked to while walking towards the starting line and you said the exact words I needed to hear at that moment. Thank you for those words!!!

To Alison: 

You'd think after twenty five years, I'd realize just how lucky I am to have you in my life.  Like I said to Nic, I was feeling so alone while standing there in a sea of thousands and then you called.  You told me the words I needed to hear and remember.  Your voice and words stayed with me the entire 13 miles and it worked.  I did what you told me to and I exceeded my own expectations.  Thank you for being there when I needed a friend.  I wished so badly that you were right there next to me saying those words, but there's next time!!! : )  Thank you for always listening to my endless running chatter.  It's so great to have someone who can talk about running just as much as you can and not get sick of it.  Thank you for your words of encouragement these past few months, I wouldn't have been able to do it without you behind me pushing me to.  Can't wait to share the experience with you!!!

To my husband:

Thank you for giving up sleeping in on your off day these past nine months,  just so I could go run.  Thank you for giving up your weekend to be there with me at my first one.  Thank you for getting up at 4am to drive me to the race and stand with me before the start.  Thank you for cracking jokes and making me laugh when I needed a distraction from the nerves.  Thank you for not walking around at 6am shirtless, even though it was a sweltering 54 degrees! ; )  I owe you so many thanks for so many things, there is not enough room on this post.  So, I'll just keep it at Thank you.

To my Livi:

You don't even know this, but thank you for being my inspiration to tackle this thing.  Not only did I do this for myself, I wanted to do this to show you that you can do anything you set your mind to.  Over the past ten years, I've lost that mind set that I could do anything.  I've gotten discouraged and derailed.  I know you will, we all do at some point in life, but please try to never lose that mind set.  Know that you can always do anything you work for.  That is the key...."work for."  I know your little and won't remember being there or running to hug me when you saw me come around the corner at mile 11, but I hope one day you can look at the pictures and be inspired.  Mostly, thank you for that hug at mile 11.  It was the most memorable part of my day.



geez, I am such a sap!! I'm sitting here boohooing reading your post and nodding my head to all of it! Running a race like that takes so much out of you, but fills you up at the same time! Soo happy for you and this amazing accomplishment! I'm soo proud of you (and i'm only your little ig running friend)!

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