First Day 2012

This morning we officially headed back to school.

 (Are you shocked I actually got pictures with my real camera? Yeah, me too! Just for you Mom!!!)

After I spent all last week searching for new schools and fretting over what to do with her, a series of events over the weekend landed us back at the preschool she attended last year.  I was knocking on their office door at opening time Tuesday morning begging for her space back.  Fortunately, it was still open.    More on that tomorrow.

So, we're back at our old school and with our familiar Ms. A as her teacher and we're both happy about that.  I was impressed with the other schools we looked at, but we're familiar with this one. I'm sure she would have adjusted perfectly at any other school, but she's still my baby and can sometimes be pretty sensitive, so my mama heart worries about those things.

To say she was excited would be an understatement. She was so excited in fact, we honestly left the house 45 minutes earlier than what we needed to and just drove around town for a bit and then sat in the school parking lot for a few minutes.  We went in to talk to her teacher before the other kids got there and I could already tell she was going to have a great day.  She was dancing around the classroom and already talking Ms. A's ear off.  A totally different child than a few weeks ago.  She was sooooooo excited to be back.

The girl has seriously not been this excited about anything in awhile. 
For pick up, I went in to talk with her teacher a sec just to make sure she had a good day.  Ms. A said she was fantastic and didn't miss a beat. Ironically, since she was sick enough last week that I wouldn't have sent her, she really only missed one day of school and hadn't missed much. 

When we got in the car, she talked non stop.  It was fun because last year, she wasn't talking as well and only gave me short one word answers, but today, she was giving me complete sentences of what she did during her day.  I don't want to wish away time, but I'm loving it the older she gets.  It seems like each stage we move to just becomes more fun than the last.


So, school is officially back in session at the Mabrey house and to be honest, I'm not sure which of us is more excited about it.


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