Anyone still out there?

I'm assuming not after that little break.....that turned into a couple of weeks.

It's bad when those who read your blog regularly and whom you see in daily life just quit asking if your ever going to blog again.

This is the first time I've opened my computer since then. I'm even more ashamed to admit that I haven't even picked up my camera once since I got a new phone that same week.

I have no excuses, other than I needed a little break.

We've been busy doing a whole bunch of I don't know what.

Just been busy with everyday life like everyone else.

Olivia and I did take a trip to Nashville, to visit my Mom & John. I must say it was probably one of my favorite trips up there to date. Olivia was spoiled rotten by her Grandma and Granddad...oh, and her Uncle Josh. I got to sit back and relax a bit, while others kept her entertained. We spent the long weekend looking at Christmas lights, having Mother/Daughter dates, lots of eating, and just enjoying our time together.

Olivia is a great car rider and did great the whole trip, so I'm excited to start heading their way more often now. However after four nights a sofa bed, I was very ready to get home to my own bed.

And to Dave. I miss him so much when we travel, but it's the life we chose.

Speaking of the life we chose....I've had a lot of questions lately from those in real life and I figured I'd just clear it up on here. I was pretty open during the summer that Waffle House had cut Dave's pay and we were freaking out a little. Okay....I was freaking out a lot. I had never mentioned it on here, but David did go on a couple of other job interviews, one that when pretty far in the interview process. Far as in, they offered him a job. It would have been a total lifestyle change for us, but unfortunately after a going back and forth a few times, they could not pay what we were asking for. They did however set up one last interview to try to come to terms, but Waffle House started seeing the wrong in their ways and readjusted how they were paying and after a couple of long talks with each other, Dave decided to not go for that last meeting and we're still a waffle house family.

Everyone has their price and fortunately, waffle house decided again to meet ours.

I laughed the other day, because back in the summer when I was freaking out, Dave told me at one point to "stop, breathe, and lets wait till the end of the year before we really freaked out" because he felt like by the end of the year, everything would work out. Four months later, he was right. It did.

He always seems to be right about those kind of things.

That's why I love him.

We also celebrated 12 years of togetherness during my blogging sabbatical.

There is just something special about watching your significant other go from being a boy to a man (or a girl to woman). I'm not saying it makes your love any greater than those couples who meet in their adult years, I do think it gives you a totally different appreciation for your spouse.

Its crazy to look back at everything we've been through in the last twelve years. I can't imagine what the next twelve will bring our way. Either way, I'm excited for it.

Olivia has been handful lately. Last night my Mom called, only to be greeted by me in tears and the sound of David and Olivia in the background fighting over dinner. She is officially refusing to eat ANYTHING. Friday she ate two bananas the entire day. She flat out refused everything else, even her usual favorites. It has made me feel like an awful mother.

I've come to terms that God knows I cannot handle another child till Olivia grows and matures a little more. This child takes and requires everything I've got in me most days. She is such a strong spirit as one of my friends always puts it. I love that about her and (most days) wouldn't change it, but it wears a mom out.

I guess I should mention Thanksgiving since it was just a couple of days ago. We had a great one. I did not take one single picture, so there will not be a whole post of our days activities. We had lunch with David's family and then headed out for dinner with my side. The food was exceptionally good this year. I was excited because both recipes I made got great approval and one request for a copy of the recipe. That is success in my book. I love Thanksgiving and the time spent with family. This years was perfect.

Oh, and yes....the "I'm in bed by 10:00pm every night" girls went Black Friday Shopping. We didn't score everything we were out for, but we did get some good stuff and we survived the chaos. And we had a blast and I think remember saying we wanted to do it again. We're becoming straight up rebels in our almost 30 age!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! : )


Tristan said…

bahaha..i haven't blogged since wednesday!
too busy!

wowzers..you had a lot of catching up to do!
glad it all worked out with the job!

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