Family Fun Day #1

In our pre-Olivia days, David and I were known to be day trippers. We would regularly jump in the car and just drive to anywhere to spend the day. As long as we had enough money for gas and food, we were off. Our parents would think nothing of calling us to find out where we were, only to learn that we were in the next state over for the day. We love to explore.

However, Olivia came along and our day tripping days came to a halt. We had been talking for a couple weeks now that we wanted to take a day and drive the short trip to the North Georgia Mountains, but with the holidays coming up, our days are already quickly filling up. This morning we woke up and David said "let's just go today!" After a little grumbling from me because it was last minute (I'm not a last minute kinda gal), in less than an hour, we were on our way North.

I'm going to be a little sentimental for a Starbucks cup on the way said "Let's Rediscover why we're best friends." That little red cup held the meaning of the day. These past few months have been kinda rough for us as a family. Besides all the stuff I've been open about on here, there has been a lot going on in our extended families too. We're very close with both of our families, so it seems to be coming from all sides lately. We've been so wrapped up with all the stuff going on lately, we've forgotten to be just us and enjoy each other. This spontaneous day was just what was needed for us.

Our first stop was Dahlonega, GA., where we walked around the square and got our fill of fudge and gummy bears.

My new favorite picture.

We then decided to drive up the road a bit and take Olivia to Babyland. Actually, I saw a sign and mentioned it to David and Olivia heard me say "baby" and asked repeatedly where the baby, we had no choice but to head that way.

As you can see, she took to this baby, but at $70....yeah, you read right....there was no way that baby was coming home with us. Luckily, she didn't seem too upset. I'm sure we bribed her with something to get her to leave it behind.

After Babyland and lunch, we drove a little farther north to Brasstown Bald, which happens to be the highest point in Georgia and the views are breathtaking!

Of course you know that no Mabrey trip is without some kinda educational stop.

Olivia randomly being a kitty.

I want it on record to show that they offer van rides to the top of the mountain, but we're cheap-os and didn't want to pay the $6 for the three of us to ride, so we walked up a trail on the side of the mountain.

Yes, we walked from there to up to the top. It was only 6/10 of a mile, but it was steep. Nothing reminds you of how out of shape you are like walking up a mountain.

I'm horrible about getting in the pictures, so David insisted on taking one so everyone will know I was there. So here is proof I was there today.

And here is our family picture from the day. The park was about to close, so no one was around. I've actually never used the self-timer on my camera, so after about ten minutes of trying to figure it out and lots of laughs, we got a family pic of all three of us.

So thankful for those two.

We had a great day together and I cannot wait to do it again. We declared it Family Fun day and we've set a goal to once a month take a day and do something fun as a family. We've actually already planned a few ideas for the next couple of months. I know that those are the things Olivia will remember, not the clothes or toys that I'm continuously buying her. I want her to remember the experiences we share as a family. I'm excited to start this new tradition with her!

Thanks Babe, for the day and pushing me out the door this morning! I had a great day with you two and cannot wait to do it again. Your the best and I love you lots!


Tristan said…
what a wonderful day!!!!

babyland???seriously..i wanna go!!!

OK is so beautiful :)
The Popes said…
Awesome pictures! You look gorgeous and happy and that makes me smile inside!

I'd like to place my bet that December's Family Fun Day will involve twinkling Christmas Lights.
Amy said…
love love LOVE all the pictures!

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