When Tuesdays become extraordinary.

Yesterday was one of those days that the stars alined and it was just the perfect day.

The weather was perfect and the windows were open all day long.
Both kids took afternoon naps at somewhat the same time.
Dinner was in the crock pot and smelling delicous all day long.
We did school and had nothing but happy tears when she wrote her "P's" all by herself.
Even though we didn't leave the house once, it surprisingly stayed somewhat clean.
All the laundry was washed, folded, and put away all in the same day. 
We played outside so much, that baths had to be given before bed.

Nothing but the ordinary is what made it so extraordinary.


This space has been neglected lately due to the fact life has been non stop lately.  Things are calming down a little, so hoping I can get back to recording the memories.  Days like yesterday are the ones I don't want to forget.


Jennifer said…
Girl - you've needed a stars alignned, perfect kind of day. Glad one found you! Hoping more come your way! (o:

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