Next time, sign me up for a Jitterbug.

I've been caught and started to be questioned, so I guess it's time to confess...

You may remember that my husband so selflessly gave me his phone upgrade back at the beginning of July and he talked me into going with the Galaxy S4.  It was the camera that technically sold me on it.

Well.....I went back to the iphone a few weeks ago.

Well, technically, I went about three steps back since I made my husband trade me his iphone 4 (I originally had a 4s)Please don't be jealous of the 2009 awesomeness I now hold in my hands. 

Laugh all you want, but I could not handle all the Galaxy had to offer.

Not that I'm a tech junkie by any means, but here's my personal opinion about it....the Galaxy does offer way more than the iPhone does.  What it's capable of wins over the iPhone hands down.  I think that if you have never had an iPhone, you'll be completely in love and have no complaints about it.  If you're an iPhone user/lover, it's a little harder to switch over and there are just little things about the operating system that will drive you crazy (after using the Galaxy for a few weeks now, my husband agrees with this). 

My biggest thing was that the iphone is just so much more simpler to use.  Maybe I'm showing my age, but I'm to the point I like simple, especially when it comes to technology.  

My husband and brother-in-law (who is also Galaxy owner), seriously talked about me at dinner one night like I was a complete failure.

I told them just sign me up for a Jitterbug next upgrade.

Unfortunately, I have till wait till February till an upgrade.  It's going to be a long few months.

Until then, please enjoy my crappy iphone 4 pics.


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