So, remember that time I told y'all everything was all hunky dory and how I knew I was jinxing myself and that the bottom was going to fall out next week......

Well, it's that next week.


The rest of last week was a good and then Saturday night it started....and it hasn't stopped since.

Amelia has pretty much cried since then.

Saturday we had our first "going all day" day since she was born and Saturday night I paid for it.  We have learned that the Mabrey children for sure have overload when it comes to being around people. They don't do well around a lot of people.  The night after Olivia's first birthday, she literally screamed for hours.  David, my mom and I could do nothing to calm her and literally watched her scream from 8pm till 2am that next morning.  She only stopped because she finally passed out from exhaustion.  I still remember that night vividly even though it was four years ago.

This past Saturday seemed to be a repeat of  that night.  She was over stimulated and I couldn't get her to calm down for anything.  Finally around 2am she passed out from exhaustion.  I'm noticing a trend here in our household....

Thankfully Olivia is growing out of it.  At a friends birthday party Monday night, one of our friends even commented on how they noticed she seemed to be doing better around large groups.  That's how noticeable it is.   I totally get it though because I am not a large group person either. 

Sunday evening she started getting a little fussy, but thankfully, I had already had plans, so I didn't have to deal with it.

Then Monday came and she pretty much hasn't stopped crying since.  She's only happy if she's being held or on her tummy.  Two straight days of crying gets old.  Fast. Olivia walked around Tuesday evening telling our neighbors "it's loud at our house."  Today I could tell it was really starting to wear on her.

We switched her formula yesterday evening to "sensitive" and we're praying it helps.  We tried "soothing" formula last week and she refused to even drink it, so we went back to the original stuff we were using. We're going to give it a few days and today seemed a little more of an improvement and she seemed much less gassy all day.  She didn't start screaming till 3pm instead of screaming ALL.DAY.LONG. 

Oh and I know your not supposed to put a baby on their tummy so for the record, we rush ordered from Amazon one of those baby breathing alarm monitors and we still swaddle and put her on her back at night.  I don't want people sending me hate comments. Thanks.

Lessons of the week....

1. Don't ever tell blog readers "things are just wonderful."

2.  Mabrey kids do not make good babies.

Today I'm thankful for grandparents who live two doors down and come take a screaming baby away for a couple hours to give us all a break.  Now we  all know why God aligned the stars for us to move two doors down.

Prayers we quickly get over this crying stage, if not, we all may be going to the nut house.


Tristan said…
oh goodness!! prayers for the mabrey house..eeek.

this too shall pass!

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