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I cannot tell you how many times I've sat down at this computer to blog, but I can never seems to get any words out.  I guess the way to get back into posting is to just post something, so here's my attempt at "something."

When you stop posting for awhile, people start to assume things are going rough, but I'm happy to report that things are going well around here.  

In fact, so well, I'm afraid things are going to coming crashing down at any moment.

Welcome to how my mind works.

Right now our biggest issue is that we have an almost four week old who has her days and nights mixed up a few times a week.  That means when we're ready to crash, she is just getting started and can party till 2 or even 3am and she has a sister who likes to start her partying at 5am.  It makes for some long days. 

Surprisingly, I'm either still going on that "new baby adrenalin" or I've just gotten really used to not sleeping over the past four years.  See...insomnia can be good for something.

Amelia is a good baby and completely opposite than Olivia, so thankfully it's made the adjustment from one to two pretty easy.  In fact, I even told someone the other day I thought it made things even easier.

Cue the bottom falling out next week. 

She is still in that eat, sleep, poop, repeat mode so things are pretty easy.  Rumor has it that is how babies are supposed to act.  Since the first one came out acting like a three year old, I never knew how babies are supposed to act.  It's kinda nice.

For those who have asked...Olivia is doing well.  The first week or two we had some major attitude issues, but we realized that's because she had been spoiled by the grandparents for the first two weeks of Amelia's life.  After life settled down and we were on our own, she's done awesome.  Though she can be a little rough at times....gentle means nothing to her....she's a really big help with Amelia.  She's really loving with her and tells me at least once a day how much "she loves her baby sister."

It's really sweet and it gets me every.single.time.  

It's funny because for so long I wanted her to have a sibling closer in age, but now that we're here, I'm glad for the age difference.  I know a lot of moms who can juggle multiple small ones close in age, but it's ended up working out well for us.  Now looking back, I'm honestly not sure I would have been one of those who could juggle two small ones close in age.  I would have probably had to been sent to the nut house.  Kuddos to those moms who do.

We took it easy the first couple of weeks, but we're slowly getting back into active life.  We've spent a lot of time at home lately and it's been nice.  A new baby is always a good excuse to stay home.  It's funny how much we've become homebodies over the past year, but I'm not complaining though.  At home with my people is my favorite place to be.

That pretty much brings you up to speed on where we've been and how things are going.  

Today we're going to try to "officially"start school work, so say a prayer or two.

Promise to try to write again soon. 


Tristan said…
oh my precious are they!!!

haha..more of an excuse not to have anymore kiddos, T-A was the perfect baby...I'd be getting a nightmare

I love little newborn newness..HOW PRECIOUS!!!

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