School Pictures 2013

I'm sure you have pretty much figured out by now that we're trying our hand at homeschooling. 

Oddly, I've only just recently become comfortable with saying it out loud to people.

I actually have a whole post about where I share our decision about it, but it's been sitting in my drafts for probably six months now and I haven't gotten around to finishing it still. 

It's honestly hard to put in words a lot of the time, but soon, I will try my best. 


Yesterday was our first official day of our new school year.

Currently, we are doing school year round with week long breaks every other month or so.  We did take a month long break around the time Amelia was born but started back doing light work about two week after she arrived.
This year I decided to go with a bought curriculum and I'm really excited about it.  I will have to supplement some things to keep Olivia happy because the kid begs me for more work, but the curriculum picks up in areas that I have come to realize I have a tendency to kinda slack in.

Oh, and it means less planning on my part....Hallelujah!!!

 I'm happy to report the first "official" day back went pretty well.

And I had to post the outtakes from our photo shoot....
Obviously we are also majoring in modeling this year.


Anonymous said…
Hope you and that sweet "model" of yours have a wonderful year ♥
Tristan said…
how cute is she!!!!!
Breanna said…
She is such a sweetheart! :) I admire those who choose to homeschool :) I hope she has a wonderful year!

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