Summer Break

I didn't really plan on taking a break from blogging, but we've just been enjoying summer.

Life has been pretty busy lately, but I'm not complaining because its making our time till Amelia gets here fly by.

We've only got 35 days till she gets here. Can you believe that?

It seems like this pregnancy has lasted forever, but the past few weeks have suddenly started to fly by. 

 I've been soaking up my time with Olivia and our last few days of "just you and me" before Amelia gets here.

Though she's not aware of the exact days we have left, she seems pretty aware that her time is ticking and she's been stuck to my hip these past few weeks.

So, I've been soaking her up.

We're already preparing ourselves because we realize its going to be a huge adjustment for her.  She has actually already had a few outbursts and we know she's going to have a hard time even though she is excited about a new baby.  In her defense, not only is she the only at home, but also the only when it comes to David's immediate family and my family, so needless to say, she's used to having ALL the attention these past three years.  I know this is normal and she'll be fine in a few months.

We've been staying pretty busy though this June.

We are taking full advantage of having Nana & Pawpaw's pool two doors down.  Most days you can find us there trying to keep cool.

We haven't sent her to swimming lessons, but David's been working with her on swimming and she's doing awesome so far.  He was a swimmer on the swim team for years, so he wanted to give it a try before we sent her to any classes.  I don't think she'll have it completely mastered this summer, but she's come a long way in just a few short weeks. The kid is for sure turning into a little fish.

We've also been going to story time at the library each week and having playdates with friends.

We made it up to the Mayfield Dairy for a field trip a couple of weeks ago with our favorite friends.

The tour was short, but interesting.  I can say I actually walked away learning a few new things.  We'll definitely be going back when Olivia gets a little older and can understand a little more.  Of course, the kids were estatic about their new hair nets that were required for the tour.

And we thought it would be the ice cream at the end, though there were no complaints about the ice cream from anyone.


We've also been keeping up with school these past few weeks.  I had originally planned to take a break to enjoy the summer and survive Amelia's first month, but after a few days off, Olivia was asking for school work.  We've been doing lite school work most days and lots of reading (We've been using the Jump into Summer Learning Pre-K packs from 3 Dinosaurs for anyone interested). I think we will however take the month off when Amelia gets here.  My goal is to start back up after Labor Day.

We're not really sticking to a set schedule though, so if fun calls (or the pool), we take advantage of it instead.


So, that's what we've been up to these past few weeks.  I wasn't really sure how this summer was going to go considering I was going to be either very pregnant or taking care of a newborn majority of it, but I must say the first half has been pretty fun. 

Not sure how much I'll be around during the rest of the summer.  I want to soak up my time with Olivia and then obviously when Amelia gets here, my hands will be a little full.

Until she gets here, if you need us, we'll most likely be in the pool.


Anonymous said…
Love the pictures of your little "fish" ♥
Tristan said…
OK is going to look sooo big once baby comes..ahh!!
soak her up..that's the thing to do..ha..i can't even imagine!!

can't wait to see her new cuties face on the blog!!

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