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So......according to the statistics on blogger, you all must have missed me.

I'm humbled....seriously.  Why y'all love to listen to my rambles, I have yet to figure out, but it still flatters me after all these years.  Which speaking of years.....I realized a couple of weeks ago, this fall will be the five year mark for my little blog.  I honestly think the only other thing I've stuck with that long is David.

Yes, two posts back to back....but I'm still not making any promises.


When David and I first started dating, his family were "lake people."  They had all the lake toys and would go pretty much almost every weekend during the summer.  It was my first experience of being a lake person.  I don't honestly ever remember going as a kid.

We used to spend those days on the lake talking about how we wanted our kids to grow up going to the lake and for their childhood to be filled with lake memories.  Ironically though, right before we got pregnant with Olivia, we had kinda stopped going to the lake and they ended up selling their lake toys.  So in reality, we haven't really been lake people these past few years.

Last summer though, it kinda hit us all that we were missing weekends at the lake and we started dreaming of lake life again.  When fall rolled around, his parents bought a small little ski boat and we were already making plans to introduce Olivia to the lake lifestyle.

But then I had to go and get pregnant, so our return to lake life hasn't quite been what we were originally planning on, but Amelia is completely worth it.

This past weekend, his parents rented a small lake house on Lake Oconee and invited us down for the weekend.  We couldn't go for the whole weekend due to schedule conflicts, but we did escape for a quick 24 hours.
I'm normally a front of the boat kinda gal, but it was a little too bumpy, so Amelia and I rode in the back.

This was also Olivia's first fishing experience and I have to say the girl is a pro.  She caught about 5 fish over the weekend, all on a princess fishing pole and pieces of hot dog bun.  Her daddy was pretty proud. 

 I could get used to this view.

Princess Barbies go everywhere with us these days.

My favorite thing about Lake Oconee (besides it's really clean for a lake), is that there is a huge sandbar right in the middle of a part of the lake.  On the weekends, you can find a ton of boats just parked right in the middle of the lake and everyone out swimming.  

At one point on Saturday, there were about 20 boats parked out on the sandbar.  Most boats try to tune into the same radio station, which of course down here is 9 times out of 10 times a country one.  Saturday, the Zac Brown Band's Chicken Fried was blaring on all the radio stations and there were probably about a hundred people (& a few dogs) all floating in the middle of the lake.  This is going to sound totally corny, but I told Dave I don't think I have ever felt more "American" than I did at that moment.  Only thing missing was a beer.

Yes, David really is that pale. 

I'm putting it on the books as Olivia's first real lake trip. 

It's safe to say, I think she's going to make a great "lake person."


Tristan said…
haha..of course princesses go everywhere!!

looks like fun!!

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