Just some rambling....

We're staying busy again.

It's funny because each week I get asked "y'all have a busy week?" and I always say "No....but we have this and this on this day, such and such on this day...."  I'm sure those who ask are constantly rolling their eyes at me.  So yes, we do have a busy week every week.

We're trying to stay busy because I'll be honest, if I'm not out doing something, I'm on the couch whinning about how pregnant I am.

I've tried to stay away from complaining about being pregnant, because A).  This was something I prayed about for three years and B).  I realize this time around there are a lot of women who would trade places with me in a heart beat. 

However, I feel every woman gets the right to complain when they hit the nine month mark. Especially if they hit the nine month mark in the middle of the summer.

Though by the technical calender, I'm a week away from being nine months, I'm declaring myself officially "nine months" pregnant since they are planning on taking her at 39 weeks.

(35 weeks with Amelia Jane)

You better believe I'm throwing that "nine month pregnant" status out for EVERYTHING!!!


However, I am praying hard that she does not come a day earlier than her scheduled date.  We already have made plans for grandma & Nana to come and stay, David to take vacation, and what we're doing with Olivia, so y'all know my type A planning self can not take her coming early.  So, pray she stays put till then.


When I say we've been busy, I should really say we've been swimming and hanging with friends.

That's pretty much what we've been up to.  We are taking full advantage of the pool next door and using it almost everyday.  Our current favorite routine is for her and I to go up around lunch, swim for a little while and then home for naps (yes, I'm included on those), then to return after dinner for an evening swim.  Evening swims are my favorite I've decided.

Last Thursday, our friend Kelsey invited us to come swim with her group and Olivia had a blast since she had so many other kids to play in the pool with (8 kids vs. 3 adults).  Normally it's just her and I at the pool and she has on several occasions informed me I'm not a fun swim partner.  Sorry, I cannot currently do back-flips off the diving board...I am NINE MONTHS pregnant!!!

I won't lie...I too really enjoyed the several hours of swimming with friends because it gave us moms hours of girl talk. 

Can I just say....God Bless girlfriends!


In other news....there was some last minute changes in Amelia's nursery and it's had me scrambling to try to get something together.  I know things do not have to be perfect for her arrival, but I've been feeling the pressure to find something that works in there without spending a wad of cash....which is kinda hard when you wait till the last minute.

There is no way her nursery will be totally be done before her arrival, but I promise to post pics as soon as it gets to looking like some kind of something....which knowing me, that might be in December of next year.

To be honest, I've had no motivation to do a nursery this go round....none at all.

My apologies in advance to Amelia if she ever reads this. We love you, promise.


I should probably go ahead and warn you that I will be pouting all next week.

 (KP and Livi last summer)

My family is heading up for our annual 4th of July beach trip and I was not given the "all clear" to go by my doctor.  Being that it will be less than 20 days to baby time, she feels its cutting it too close.  So, I will be depressed all week I'm sure.  This isn't the first time I've had to miss the trip, but it will be the first time Olivia has had to miss.  I know she's kinda young to remember, but I hate we're missing out on a week spent with the family. Especially since this is her last few weeks being the only...i.e. getting all the attention and being spoiled rotten. We briefly debated on sending her up without me, but she quickly told me she likes sleeping near me.  I know a lot of kids her age that are used to being sent away for a week at a time, but its not her personality and she's not quiet ready.   To be honest, I don't think I'm quiet ready yet for it either.

She's already promised me she's living with me forever, so I'm holding her to it! : )

P.S. sorry for the repeat of instagram photos....I'm sure you know I haven't picked up a real camera in weeks. 


Anonymous said…
Love your post ♥
You look fabulous!!!
Amy k.
Tristan said…
how cute are you!!

and seriously..20 days.AHHH. how exciting! We all know the baby wont sleep in her room for a while..lol..you have plenty of time :)

Love OK's art work, and I don't have instagram..lol..so it's all new to me!
Anonymous said…
It sounds like this pregnancy is going better. Wish you three all the best!!!
Cunz Family said…
You look great! I had my baby early :) And so happy I did, I was SO over being pregnant...even if it was only 6 days early, I'll take it.
Mrs. Edberg said…
I feel like you just announced your pregnancy and it's already almost over! I am so excited for you guys to meet her! Good luck and wish you the best these last few weeks.

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