Just a bunch of randomness...

I feel like I don't have much today but I'm trying to keep up my blogging streak, so you're stuck with random things today. Hopefully I'll finish one of the few post in my draft box by tomorrow.

1. We went for our 12 week (during my 11th week) checkup yesterday. We got to hear Baby Mabes #2 heartbeat and it was going strong at about 166. Yes, I know what that could possibly mean as far as gender, but I'm not ready to make a prediction yet. We should know by mid February. Overall, everything looked great. I only gained three pounds over the holidays, which they seemed pleased with, and my bloodpresure was perfect they said. They did make me go ahead and take the glucose test since Olivia was so big (maybe because she was almost ten days past due....cough, cough), so now I'm just hoping to not hear back from them. No news is good news at their office. We also got a clearer picture of when they will take the baby, so we can go ahead and start making some plans. Ironically, we went from my due date falling on one family members birthday, to the baby most likely being born on another members birthday the week before. However, nothing will be set in stone for a few more weeks.

2. I'm currently reading Lincoln based off the recent movie. However, its long and though interesting, can drag out at times. It's one I have to sit down and fully focus on (i.e. I can only read it during nap time). Though I'm certain I'll finish it sometime before the end of the year, last night, I decided to pick up an easier book to read along with it. I bought Alice Hoffman's The Dovekeepers with a gift card from Christmas and only a few chapters in, but already loving it. I've seen it out for awhile now, but haven't found anyone who's read it.....anyone on here read it yet?

3. Speaking of gift cards, I've deemed this gift card week at our house. We got several gift cards to restaurants over Christmas and we only had two nights we would be eating at home, so I decided we'd use a few of our gift cards for dinner this week. Yes, that totally goes against my "eat out less and cook at home more" New Years goal, but since we're not paying for it, it doesn't count in my book.

4. This may come to a shock to some of you, but its almost two weeks into January and I still have yet to buy a planner. After searching high and low for a planner for this year, I finally broke down and bought another Erin Condren life planner. I really liked it last year and felt like I got my monies worth. There were a couple of things I didn't like about last years version, but they changed every thing I didn't like this year and for the better. So, I'm hoping it will work for me another year. Yes, they are pricey, but I used some Christmas money and if you add up all the planners I was buying, it all equals out the same. Last year, I bought that one and only that one. In years past, I'd buy several till I found one I really liked and even then, some years I would never find one I was happy with. I'm now anxiously waiting for it to come in, because that's how dorky I truly am.

5. Right now, every one is Olivia's "best friend." She's been telling me for sometime now that "you my best friend mommy" however, she's branching out to telling that line to anyone she loves. It's funny and cute all at the same time. I always remind her though that I am her #1 best friend. Thankful for now, she's agreeing.

Happy Wednesday!!! : )


Tristan said…
i love the "best friend" stage..haha..it's someone new everyday!
Kameron said…
Arielle tells me I am her best friend too. I love it. I think I should recordher saying it so that when she isa teenager, I have proof!

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