Here it is the end of another week, and I'm back again.

We've been busy this past week with those dreaded two words....potty training.

It has been a joy....not.

She's been ready for some time now, but I keep putting it off.  I wasn't ready.  When I decided I was, she decided she wasn't (that sums up our entire relationship right there).  A couple of weeks ago at her two & 1/2 year well check up, her Dr. informed me she thought she was more than ready, but being stubborn.  It's Olivia we're talking that's a shocker?  Stubborn is her middle name.

So this week, I finally buckled down and said we're doing this.  It hasn't been horrible and she's actually doing really well.  We're definitely on the "lets keep going with it" path rather than "just throw a diaper back on her" one.  It's just getting past these next couple of weeks.

My only words of advice for pt: the second day is the worst , but keep on trucking and the third will restore your faith.  Also, no child can be potty trained in one day regardless of whatever method that pinterest pin swears by. Trust me on this one.

Onto a totally different subject...

I've been struggling lately with how open we are with our lives.  Whether its through the blog, facebook, much and what should I be posting?

I'm naturally an open person.

If you ask me, I'll give you the truth. Whether its how much money we bring home a month, how much I weigh, how much we payed for our house, what I really think about the outfit you have on, or my opinion on this or that....I'll answer.  I'm not offended by pretty much any question.

Not only that, I'm one of those people who will answer a question......and then keep talking.  I'm an over sharer.  I have a sweet friend who shares this same tendency, one day we were discussing our struggle with this and she nicely described it as "I should have quit talking five minutes."  Yep, that's me.  I cannot tell you how many times I've been standing there "over sharing" with someone and Dave's standing behind them giving me the "shut it" look.

Dave and I have been having lite conversations about openness once or twice over the past few months.  After spending lots of time quietly thinking about this, I've stepped back from facebook a lot.  I do still check it daily, but I don't post as much on there as I use to.  Frankly, I've had to remove majority of my friends from my feed just because statuses got on my nerves, so fb hasn't been so interesting lately.  I'm sure many can relate.

I'm still on Instgram a lot.  I love posting random pics throughout our day for Dave or my parents to see what we're up to.  The fact its such a quick and simple way to document bits and pieces of our day, makes me love it even more.  I love going back and looking through my pics to see what we were up to six months ago.

So, that leaves the good ol'blog.

Last night at dinner, something came up about the blog and Dave's response kinda shook me.

"You cannot blog too much longer."

If you wondering where he's coming from, yes, it has to do with his job.  As his wife who is aware of the possibilities of what our future holds, I completely understand where he is coming from and what he means by it. However, there was a little part of me that was a little sad.  I know I won't blog forever, but for now its still something I enjoy.  Though lately I haven't been to good about it, I enjoy having some type scrapbook of Olivia's childhood. I enjoy going back and looking at how little she was and what we were up to that day.

So, I'm struggling with deciding what's being too open.  Finding a balance and trying not to be an "over sharer."

What's your guidelines? Do you even have any or you an "over sharer" like I am? Any advice is welcomed.


Tristan said…
you HAVE to blog..that makes me so so sad!!
just go
Anonymous said…
I blog--and love it!--but only have a private blog for friends and family. That way you could share things but keep it just to invited people.

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