After a little hiatus, I'm back linking up with Jeannett @ Life Rearranged for Insta-Friday!

Just a little glimpse of our week through the Insta-gram lens.

 My running partner and I had our longest continuous run to date. I much rather run without her, but sometimes it cannot be helped.  How excited she gets talking about our "runs" kinda makes up for the fact I have to push 45lbs. of wheel barrel jogging stroller while running that far. 

Her own little drive-in with her cozy coupe and the ipad.

 A Buggy Parade
Gotta love some of the randomness in our small town.

Celebrating with three of my favorite Dads on Dad's Day.  Yes, I made one of them handle the grill on his day of celebration, but I took care of the rest.

 At the end of my long run on Monday morning, I ran across some cheerleaders waiting on me to finish. 

 They even made a finish line for me to cross over! : )

 She stayed in this spot playing contently for over 3 hours Wednesday morning.  I won't lie and say I didn't wish we could have one of those play times at least once a day.  A mama can dream, right?

Playdough & pigtails.

After a little badgering, D finally took me up on a run. It was an "easy 3 miles" on the training plan and he did pretty good for a first time around the track, making about 2.25 miles.  We switched off each lap on who got to push the wheel barrel jogging stroller and I must say, I enjoyed that.  However, I did not enjoy running at night.  Since summer started, I've been getting up and going early before it gets too hot.  Last night as the sun was setting, it was still almost 90.  Not cool at all (literally). 
I'm actually ready for Fall this year, just for better running temps.

Our potty chart from the past few days.  She's rocking it!!! : ) 

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P.S.  When you get a moment, read Jeanett's post from Wednesday Be Kind Always.  It's one everyone needs to read for a little reminder.  Growing up with a bother who has Special Needs, I understood exactly what she is talking about.  I couldn't imagine experiencing it through a Mother's eyes.  
Go read it now, please.  
We could all use a little reminder every now and then.


Carolyn said…
Good for you for all that running! Loving the piggy tails! Too cute!
Jennifer S. said…
You daughter is adorable! I love that she is your running partner. I bet she will always remember those times that mommy took her running. I wish I was a runner.
Oh and the pic of the three guys grilling barefoot is too funny! Have a great weekend! xo
Shannon said…
I sure don't miss those potty training days! Good luck with that! How sweet is she... playing by herself for three hours!! The playdoh and pigtails have to be my fave!!

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