a few friday extras...

A couple of months ago, I got into scrap booking with project life

I want to do a whole post on it later, but for now, just know that I'm totally loving it and cannot get enough at the moment.  I still take a lot of pictures during the week, but I find I no longer feel the need to post every single one to social media since they're more for going into the scrap books.

Here are a few extras from this week that didn't make instagram or facebook...

Monday we were in Milla's room playing. I was laying on the floor and I looked up to see Livi trying to pick Milla up and put her in the crib.  Being that Milla already weighs over half of what Livi does, it didn't end well.  

Milla had a well check up on Tuesday morning.  Thankfully, we got nothing but good news and they were happy with how she looks.  On the way home I looked back to see her passed out.  She hardly ever sleeps in the car, so the visit must have worn her out.

The in-laws are in the process of redoing their living room.  I've been helping with it and Tuesday afternoon we made a quick trip to Ikea.  We had been eying the perfect rug but in true Ikea fashion, they were out of stock for awhile, we finally got lucky on Tuesday, only to realize the curtains we needed were out of stock.  The funny part of this story, is that her and I have a reputation of fitting huge things in tiny cars.  It started with two 8 foot Christmas trees the day after thanksgiving where she practically rode on the roof.  On two separate trips, I've successfully fit four full size wicker chairs and four six foot bookcases (in boxes) along with a kid in a car seat in a Nissan Altima.  We took her car thinking the seats folded down, only to get in the parking lot and realize that wasn't the case.  We found ourselves once again trying to cram a 9 foot long rug in a 10 foot long car.  I sent this pic to David telling him to never underestimate our small car/big item shopping.

This one made the love for Livi facebook page.  When did she start to look so grown up???

We were "all on a plane to no where!" according to Livi.

Another Love for Livi....David's boss sent these glasses home to the girls the other day. Milla wants nothing to do with them, but Livi loves them and has been wearing them constantly.  They're hilarious and creep me out all at the same time.

It's been a long, cold, wet February. We were spoiled during January, but this month, Winter finally decided to show up.  It feels like the sun hasn't shined in weeks.  Yesterday we finally got to see the sun shine again and it felt like I hadn't seen anything that beautiful in awhile.

It's not unusual to walk in and find Milla doing something she's not supposed to be doing....kinda like shaking her money maker on the kitchen table.

 Oh, and Livi walks around half naked all the time, but I feel like she's too big to post those pictures on the internet, so that's the reason for the stars.

I posted another version of this one last night and evidently it hit home with a lot of folks.  I feel like I miss titled it though....it should have said "what 5 o'clock somewhere really looks like!"

This kid always has a lot to say and she's very animated about it.

Happy Friday everyone! : )


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