Sweet Summertime.

We're still here. 

We've been busy soaking up the summer sun. 

Our days have been jam packed since the summer began.  Days have been filled with the splash pad, library visits, pools days, VBS, and afternoon rain showers.   Maybe it's Olivia's age or the fact I'm finally getting some sleep and feeling like a functioning human again, but I feel like we're really getting our monies worth this summer.

Besides David having a rough time at work, the summer has seemed about perfect.

 However, it has still been a weird one.

I think because we know some hard goodbyes will have to be said at the end of it and once again, there are changes in story for our family.  Good changes....changes we're excited about.  In several different ways, life will look very different come this fall.  We're excited, but it seems to constantly be lingering in the back of my mind.


The scary part is, it seems to be heading towards us at lightening speed.  The other day, David and I were talking about upcoming events for the rest of summer and it was like "whoa!" 

For now, we'll keep soaking up the sweet summer time.


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