A Wedding Day

I think I mentioned that on memorial day weekend, my cousin Kyndall and her long time boyfriend Andy got married.  Our family actually has a good number of high school sweethearts that have gone on to be married, and now Kyndall and Andy can be added to that list. 

Olivia was asked to be flower girl for a second time.  I've decided that if you want to be apart of a wedding, that's the way to go. You get to be invited to all the fun inside stuff, but it doesn't cost as much as a bridesmaid or groomsmen! : )

As you can see, Olivia was pretty over it quickly.  In her defense, it was hot....very hot.  Ironically, the weekend before we had a cold front come through and it was seriously forty degrees in May.  However, so far our family has had three May/June weddings and it's been ninety degrees for every single one.  So, our family knows no other way when it comes to weddings.


This one cracks me up...

That would be the four of us trying to nonchalantly tell Olivia to stop acting a fool

This one I look at and it just sums up our family to me...


I love that she stood there holding both my cousin Aubry (who's seven months pregnant with Amelia's best friend) and Abby's hand throughout the ceremony.  I'd have to say it's my favorite of those that I snapped that day.

And this one just screams Olivia...

I can't tell y'all how often I get this look on a daily basis.

They had a barn wedding and it was all super cute.  I wish now I had taken more pictures of the decor.  They did an awesome job! 

And of course our official wedding babysitters were there! 

I'm pretty sure David's parents are starting to think they only get invited so they can help with the kid! : )

Amelia was trying to turn it into that kinda party...

It was just that hot and she was miserable (as you can tell in the picture above). Thankfully, she's the only one who attempted to strip.

My date for the evening.

And in case you're wondering, our family can throw down on the dance floor....

Besides being 100 degrees, it was pretty much the perfect evening for a wedding.

Congratulations you two!
We wish you many years of happiness!!!
It was a beautiful day and thanks for allowing us to be apart of it!


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